The Best Summer Holiday Microtrends For 2024

Summer Holiday Microtrends 2023

Now that summer has officially begun, you can start thinking about all of the summer holidays and vacations you have booked! However, as people have been vacationing less over the past few years, many people struggle with knowing what’s in fashion, and what to pack in their suitcase.

However, these summer holiday microtrends are sure to be the hottest fashion pieces over the summer months. If you’re packing for a summer holiday soon, make sure to shop for some of these must-haves to your suitcase. These will define 2024 summer holiday trends. 

Barely There 

Do you like the ‘barely there’ look when it comes to fashion? You’re in luck – sheer fabrics are back in style this summer.

Transparent fabrics such as gauze, chiffon and gauzette are going to be some of the most popular fabrics this year – ideal for keeping you cool in summer holiday weather! This can be a really daring trend, and if you want to dip your toe in, why not try wearing clothes with mesh panelling?

Mesh robes for over your bikini are going to be one of the best must-have items for relaxing by the pool on your summer holiday in 2024, so make sure to start looking for one soon!

All That Glitters…

… is definitely gold. Well, it is this summer. Gold is going to be the number one most popular metal in accents, jewellery and shoes this year, so watch out closely for it.

Many people are also choosing to wear 80s style, large gold jewellery pieces such as statement earrings and bangles this summer, so if you want to improve your jewellery game, be on the lookout for large, gold pieces.

Top Tip: Make sure that all the metal on your outfit matches, from your belt buckle to your earrings, for a more cohesive look on your summer holiday. 

Lady In Red 

The breakout colour you need to include in your summer holiday wardrobe has got to be red. For the past few seasons, trending colours have been sunflower yellow, sage green and hot pink. In summer 2024, it will definitely be red.

This daring colour has been spotted dominating the summer high fashion runways and is already filtering its way through to streetwear. The great thing about red is that there is always a tone of red for every skin tone, so you’ll be sure to find a shade that suits you.

Choose some red clothes for your summer holiday wardrobe today, or simply pack a tube of red lipstick. 

Pockets Everywhere 

Finally, we can count on women’s clothing having pockets! This summer holiday trend definitely has utilitarian benefits – now you can carry more things without having to pay for extra luggage space!

This novel trend has been one of the most popular in conceptual high fashion runways this summer, but it is slowly making its way to the high street. Look out for extra pockets on gilets and cargo trousers when you’re shopping for your summer holiday wardrobe – they may come in handy!

Are You Cut Out For This? 

This is another daring trend, but it set to dominate high street summer holiday style in 2024. The cutout trend makes long, elegant dresses look edgier and more interesting – they’ll be popular on wedding guest dresses this summer.

However, they’re also being spotted on more casual pieces such as crop tops and on low-rise trousers. With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra all being spotted sporting the trend very recently, we can expect this trend will define 2024’s summer holiday style. 

Daisy Jones Chic 

In the past few years, fashion, TV and films have been taking inspiration from the past. With shows like Stranger Things bringing 80s-chic back into popular fashion, other eras have also had their revival.

This summer, 1970s rockstar style is definitely going to be very popular, inspired by the hit series Daisy Jones and The Six. Fabrics such as lace and crochet are going to be extremely popular, especially when it comes to festival outfits.

Think about flowy crochet tops, glitter and blue flared jeans if you want to emulate the Daisy Jones style this summer holiday of 2024. 

These are some of the summer holiday microtrends that predicted to dominate fashion trends in 2024. Get shopping for some of these if you want your summer holiday wardrobe to stand out while you’re on your vacation!