What Can We Expect To See At London Fashion Week 2024?

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is set to take place from Friday 9th July all the way until Monday 12th June 2024, and it is one of the most exciting weeks for fashion in the British social calendar. Across the world, fashion weeks are a time for brands and fashion houses to display their innovative new designs and demonstrate their cutting-edge styles. But how will this month’s London Fashion Week 2024 set itself apart from the rest, and what can we expect from such an iconic event? 

London History

London is one of the top places in the world for fashion and style and has been home to many of the most iconic fashion pioneers throughout history. During the medieval period, London played a key role in the international fashion economy and was a hub of international textile and fabric trade.

During the 18th and 19th Centuries, the entire world looked to London for fashion inspiration and trends, and London was a driving force behind international fashion styles.  After World War II, London also became a hub for fashion evolution as women could afford better fabrics and made unique creations with those fabrics, influencing the rest of the world. This would only continue throughout the 20th Century up to the modern day, with the mods of Carnaby Street in the 1960s and London’s iconic 1970s punks changing the face of fashion forever. Today, London is still one of the top fashion cities in the world. 

London still sets the trends for fashion, and the world is turning its eyes to the iconic fashion city this month to see what its stars produce for June Fashion Week. The very first London Fashion Week show was held in a London car park in 1984, and since then, has become one of the largest social events for fashion. If you’re travelling to the English capital to enjoy a bit of fashion week, here is everything you should look out carefully for!

London Fashion Week 2024 Highlights 

These have been some of the main hot topics in fashion right now and can be expected to be displayed at London Fashion Week. 

Gender Neutral Fashion

Although for many years fashion split up into womenswear and menswear, many fashion houses and brands are not dividing their collection anymore, instead having one gender-neutral collection. It predicted that many fashion runways and collection displays at LFW in 2024 will display fully gender-neutral collections, and won’t divide their clothes into traditionally masculine and feminine items. This is one of the largest cultural fashion shifts that you can expect to see a lot of this year. 

Innovative Menswear

Just like fashion is becoming more gender-neutral, menswear is becoming more innovative, using non-traditional cuts, fabrics and designs. Menswear is changing to incorporate more traditionally feminine looks, and it predicted that this will be one of the defining themes of London Fashion Week in June 2024. Keep an eye out for all of the menswear brands trying new cuts and styles throughout the week. 


Fast fashion has been one of the highest-grossing topics surrounding the style and fashion industry this year, and the fashion industry has taken a stand against its harmful practices. With the EU’s recent rulings on tackling fast fashion, LFW expected to take a stand against it and instead promote sustainable fashion. Keep an eye out for the use of brand new sustainable fabrics, sustainable practices and ethical production. Make sure you keep an eye out for these specific trends during London Fashion Week!

What Else Can You See In London? 

If you’re venturing to London for Fashion Week, you should also check out some of London’s iconic fashion districts in between events and shows. 

Camden Market 

This is one of the best places you can visit during LFW if you’re willing in seeing some alternative and innovative fashion. With its many vendors selling iconic goth and punk fashion, it is also famous for vintage souvenirs and handcrafted leather bags. This is definitely an iconic place to visit in London. 

Carnaby Street

This iconic fashion area first became famous due to the Mod movement of 1960s London – and it is still one of the best London spots for fashion fans even today. If you’re looking for a great fashion destination while you’re enjoying Leeds Fashion Week, you should definitely give it a visit. 

Hatton Garden 

This is one of the oldest jewellery quarters in the world and is without a doubt one of the most iconic fashion spots in the entirety of London. Hatton Garden engagement rings and jewellery is some of the most popular jewellery worldwide and attracts thousands of visitors around the world. You should definitely pay the area a visit during London Fashion Week.