Luxsky Store Review 2024, Is it Safe Site to Shop?

Luxsky Store is a fraud online store having no physical address.

Many people love shopping online instead of offline. If you are one of them, then there must also be many questions in your mind, like is the website legit from where you are buying products etc. No worries, you can keep going with this article. It will help you remove this kind of query.

It is no secret that people from all around the world are shopping online. Because they don’t have to go anywhere outside for shopping, they can buy, return or exchange the product while sitting at home. There are many online shopping stores, like luxsky store, who are providing legit and quality products to them.

What is the Luxsky Site About?

Last year when Covid-19 was at its peak, no one wanted to step out of their houses during that time of the pandemic. That was a time when so many online shopping platforms mushroomed, and people started using them.

However, from that time to this time, these online shopping platforms are still in use and at their peak. In simple words, people are used to them now. Speaking of which, some of them are scams, while some are legit.

Luxsky store is an online shopping platform or website that deals with many household items like chairs, sofas, garden things, and other kitchen things. Moreover, they also offer fashion accessories like footwear, clothing, toys, gloves, and many more.

They deliver the products in every country they have mentioned on their page. According to their website, they also claim that they work for the safety of human beings. And wants to make a home safe and sweet by reducing crime in communities. Due to this specialty, their websites look unique among all online shopping websites.

More about Luxsky store

There are many specifications of the Luxsky store. Some of the most common specifications of them are:

  • The time of delivery depends on the destination of the delivery.
  • It is an e-commerce portal for various households and clothing.
  • The domain of the Luxsky store’s website was created recently on 10/05/2021.
  • The major information, like exchange policies and payment modes, is not opening while writing the review.
  • Their physical address is 16002 N 23rd Ave, Phoenix, United States.

Con and Pros of Luxsky Store

From the pros of luxsky store, you will get new trends, toys, tools, garden, and household tools at your doorstep. So you can secure and decorate the home by using their products as they claim. Moreover, pros have a return policy. 

On the other hand, Con’s website looks suspicious, provides no contact number, has no clear refund policy, prices are not reasonable, provides a few varieties of products, and delivery duration is not available.

Reviews of Customers

The reviews of customers on any web store or product mean a lot and are considered the key point to knowing the quality and authenticity of the website. However, bad reviews are a curse, while good review is a boon for any business. And if we talk about the reviews of customers on luxsky store, we found not a single one at the moment anywhere on the internet.

Is the Luxsky store’s website legit?

You should make sure of the authenticity of any web store before using or placing an order. If we talk about the luxsky store, it has a physical address, and after some research, it is confirmed that the given address is a residential spot.

They have no account or presence on social media. Moreover, they don’t provide their contact number to any of their customers. The site of the luxsky store is very young, as it was formed recently on 10/05/2021. They got only a 2% score in the trust index. They have an ambiguous return policy, and the site is not opening at the moment. However, there are no reviews available on their website.

We just have to say that the luxsky store is not legit and reliable after researching the above all facts. Therefore it would be better for you to be aware and don’t put yourself in any kind of scam.


Now, we have come to the final verdict of the website of Luxsky store. Their official website is not accessible for the past few years. However, we have done all sorts of research on the Luxsky store and found some points from trustable evaluations and other resources.

We found the website non-reliable and suspicious because it has a doubtful physical address which is a residential spot. They don’t have any contact number, so customers can place complaints or ask for order placement. Moreover, there are no owner details about who is running the site and to whom it belongs. In this modern era, they don’t even have a social media account or any page for their website. And lastly, their product’s prices are not reasonable.