Steve Carell Hair Transplant: Everything You Need To Know

During the mid of 2006 that; Steve opted for a hair treatment.

The procedure of hair transplant has begun to be talked about without any stigma and more openly because more and more celebrities nowadays are revealing that they’ve had a hair transplant.

Many famous stars like Rob Holding have opted for hair restoration. Rob Holding (a famous football star) has been open about his experience with mental health and hair loss problems. According to him, he had a hair transplant in 2021 at the Wimpole Clinic.

Likewise, famous comedians Jimmy Carr and Steve Carell have also opted for a hair transplant. Steve carell hair transplant occurred in 2006 when he was playing the role of Michael Scott in The Office US. 

Throughout series 1-7, his eagle-eyed fans noticed a change in his personality and hairline as it became neater and fuller. Steve was facing male pattern baldness, which is the most common cause of hair loss in men.

It affects almost 80% of men. However, we can diagnose it by using Norwood Scale. It categorizes the seven stages of male hair loss. Let’s take a further look below at Steve Carell’s hair transplant to find out everything you need to know.

Hair Timeline of Steve Carell from 2000 to 2005

You can take an idea and see Steve’s hair loss progressing by comparing the picture from early 2000 to 2006. In his thirties, Steve seems to have a receding hairline during his time on The Daily Show. It was a sign of male pattern baldness. Almost 66% percent of men under the age of 35 can experience this type of hair loss.

Steve, in 2000 was at around 1-2 on the Norwood scale. You would see noticeable and clear thinning around the temples, hairline, and in some cases, the crown as well at this stage. However, an M-shaped hairline might be created due to thinning at this stage.

Steve had further hair loss on his temples and hairline in 2005 when he was doing the first season of The Office. Therefore Steve was put at around the 2-3 stage on the Norwood scale. But suddenly, after that, Steve’s hairline appeared fuller and neater.

However, it leads to rumors of hair transplants. People were completely shocked that receding hairline is one of the predominant signs of male pattern baldness. Due to it, many men experience hair loss in other areas and more quickly. While some develop a bald spot in the crown. Therefore it seems that Steve experienced hair loss along his hairline and temples.

Hair transplant of Steve Carell in 2006

It seems during the mid of 2006 that; Steve opted for a hair treatment. Steve appeared to be a much neater and more youthful hairline in season 2 of The Office US. Filling out the thinning patch was the biggest noticeable change that sat at the front of his hairline in season 1 of The Office US.

However, Steve’s new hair growth after the transplant has taken almost a year. As we have stated above that his hair transplant procedure happens in the mid of 2006. But in season 3 of The Office US 2007, he comes with a noticeably fuller and much more natural hairline. 

However, it seems that the hair transplant of Steve Carell has been incredibly successful. His hair looks to be in good condition even after 16 years, with no signs of receding hairline present.

Many celebs opt for a hair transplant because it can increase hair density, halting the appearance of an aging hairline and filling out the thinner patches.

However, it takes some time to grow new hair shows in every kind of hair transplant (except artificial hair transplant). However, it is dependent on the procedure and medications like Minoxidil and Finasteride to stimulate hair growth. Generally speaking, it normally takes 6 to 18 months for the growth of new hair after any hair transplant.

What Hair Transplant did Steve Carell have?

It has never been revealed which type of hair transplant Steve received. However, according to the hair specialists, it was FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction transplant). No, doubt, Steve’s long-lasting hair results have proved that the procedure was performed well.

Most people aren’t able to make decisions when it comes to FUT vs. FUE. However, there are many benefits of FUE as compared to the FUT strip transplant. But individuals should choose whichever suits them.

If we talk about Steve’s, he must have chosen FUE over a FUT, as the procedure is significantly less invasive, boasts faster results, produces less post-transplant scarring, and allows recovery time to a shorter hair transplant.

FUT vs. FUE. However, there are many benefits of FUE as compared to the FUT strip transplant.

Meanwhile, this procedure is best for a person in the spotlight. However, it is also stated in ISHRS 2022 census that more than three-quarters of men’s hair transplant patients prefer FUE over FUT.

How Many Grafts were Required in the Hair Transplant of Steve Carell?

The number of grafts needed to complete a hair transplant is depended on the extent of hair loss measured against the Norwood Scale.

However, we can calculate the approximate number of grafts required in Steve’s hair transplant by using the Norwood scale. Like in 2005, he was on the stage of 2-3 on the Norwood scale. Therefore this would call for between 1000 to 1500 grafts of hair transplant. Moreover, if we talk about the price, there are different rates and packages in every country.

Generally speaking, the cost for a 1500 graft hair transplant can start from £3,250 to £4,875.