The Best Boys Haircuts For 2024

little boy sitting on barber chair having a Classic Bowl Cut

Whether you’re looking for haircuts for young boys or a cool, low-maintenance style that will keep your teenager happy, there are options for every face shape, style, and hair texture. Here are some of the trendiest haircuts for boys in 2024. Feel free to save a few photos and bring them to your stylist to experiment.

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Little Boy Haircuts

Classic Bowl Cut

little boy sitting on barber chair having a Classic Bowl Cut

Also known as a “mushroom cut” because of its shape, this classic haircut has been around for centuries. It’s low-maintenance and works very well with straight hair. To give your little boy’s hair a modern twist, have the stylist add some layers for more texture.

Side Brushed Top Undercut

little boy standing in gym room with Side Brushed Top Undercut hairstyle

This edgy, handsome, and easy-to-maintain hairstyle is perfect for boys who prefer short hair. It works on most hair types and is especially good for warm weather.

Textured Bangs

Little boy with Textured Bangs white and silver color hairstyle

Bangs make a kid’s hair look youthful and fun, working incredibly well on young kids with rounded faces. If your child has curls, this can be a great way to show off their natural hair texture.

Toddler Boy Haircuts


Toddler boy sitting on a couch with family having quiff hairstyle

This popular haircut looks adorable on toddlers with a full head of hair. It keeps the sides short and tidy while leaving the top longer, making it a great option for those not ready to cut off all their toddler’s hair.

Side Sweep

Toddler boy having a Side Sweep from laddy barber.

While this might look like a combover on an adult, it’s a great style for little boys. The side-swept bangs flatter a round face shape and chubby cheeks and can be done with medium-length or short hair.


A toddler boy sitting on playing car with Topknot haircut

For little boys with longer hair, a topknot (a tiny “man bun”) is a versatile haircut that keeps hair out of the way and tangle-free while they play. It works well with curls, wavy, or straight hair. For a fresh style, give part of the sides a trim or taper fade and sweep the top up.

Cool Haircuts for Boys

Miniature Mohawk

a boy enjoying eating with Miniature Mohawk hairstyle

This is a cool haircut for kids with straight hair. It works best with shorter hair, making it easy to style into spikes. It’s perfect for kids wanting something edgy and low-maintenance.

Slicked-Back Fade

A boy ready for a picture with Slicked-Back Fade haircut having camera in hand

This gentlemanly haircut for boys looks very grown-up. Depending on how dramatic you want the top to look, you can opt for a skin fade or a gentle taper fade.

Textured Quiff with Surgical Line

Stunning look boy with Textured Quiff with Surgical Line

Adding a shaved line to a quiff instantly modernizes this classic cut. It’s stylish with a bit of punky playfulness, making it ideal for boys with thick hair.

Teen Boy Haircuts

Layered Mohawk with Fade

teen boy in a barber shop just had a Layered Mohawk with Fade hairstyle

This haircut is great for boys with thick hair, as the layers create tons of texture and can be fun to style. Mohawks are considered one of the coolest haircuts for boys, making them popular among young teens.

Asymmetrical Crew Cut

A teen boy with Asymmetrical Crew Cut haircut

A crew cut is an excellent choice for teenagers who don’t want to deal with a lot of upkeep. Adding some asymmetry creates a more modern version of this traditional cut, allowing for self-expression.

Textured Crop with Faded Sides

A Boy thinking for something and having Textured Crop with Faded Sides haircut

This haircut looks great on short or medium-length hair. The faded sides draw attention to the textured top, so investing in some styling products is essential to keep everything looking great.

Boys Fade Haircut

Mid Fade with Messy Curls

A boy with Mid Fade with Messy Curls

Finding curly haircuts that look good on boys can be challenging, which is why this mid-fade is so appealing. The gentle fading on the sides keeps things tidy while emphasizing the curls on top.

Messy Crew Cut

A boy wearing three piece with Messy Crew Cut hairstyle

Leaving a bit of longer hair on top of a classic crew cut transforms it into something playful and modern. This haircut is perfect for both school and the soccer field—comfortable and versatile.

High Skin Fade with Shaved Designs

A little boy just had High Skin Fade with Shaved Designs

A skin fade is perfect for experimenting with shaved designs. It works with thin or thick hair and is popular among boys of all ages. Regular barber visits are necessary for touch-ups.

Boys Haircuts Long on Top

Undercut with Hair Tattoo

Teen Boy excited with Undercut with Hair Tattoo

This undercut hairstyle is versatile, allowing for creative designs limited only by your imagination and the barber’s skill. It’s a perfect compromise for boys who want to keep their long hair but need something cooler for the summer.

Long, Messy Fringe

A boy having Long, Messy Fringe haircut

This haircut is flattering for boys with longer or oval faces. The taper fade on the sides combined with the longer fringe balances out the face and creates symmetry. It’s trendy, modern, and easy to style.

Spiked Brush-Up with Skin Fade

A boy side looking with Spiked Brush-Up with Skin Fade haircut

Fades are ideal for busy boys because they require minimal upkeep to stay attractive. The longer, brushed-up top with gelled spikes adds an edgy and fun touch.

Boys Short Haircuts

Caesar Cut

A boy having fun with Caesar Cut hairstyle

Caesar cuts are popular because they offer control while still being long enough to style. This haircut requires minimal styling—just comb wet hair into place and add a bit of product.

Skin Fade Buzz Cut

A boy did not like Skin Fade Buzz Cut haircut

Instead of a traditional buzz cut, many boys prefer a subtle fade for a more balanced, modern look. This haircut requires maintenance, but it’s worth it.

Short, Textured Quiff

Short, Textured Quiff hairstyle

A quiff is universally flattering, making it a good haircut for boys with almost any face shape. It’s stylish and easy to maintain.

Black Boys Haircuts

High Top Fade

A black boy having a High Top Fade haircut wearing chain and blue wool shirt

A high-top fade is a retro hairstyle making a comeback. It involves shaving the sides to a short or bald fade and shaping the top. It works with different hair lengths, from medium-short to much longer.

Burst-Fade Mohawk

A west indies little boy having Burst-Fade Mohawk haircut

This modern and visually stunning mohawk is designed to work with the natural texture of black hair. It offers many styling options.

Low Skin Fade with Twists

a black boy having Low Skin Fade with Twists haircut in a barber shop

Twists are protective haircuts for boys, and combining them with a skin fade looks fantastic. This style works well on both young kids and older teens.

Boys Long Haircuts


a boy with Mullet  haircut

Mullets are awesome long haircuts that can go a while between trims and still look good. They’re perfect for boys who don’t like getting their hair cut often.

Long Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

Long Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

These layers are great for boys with long, wavy hair, helping tame thick hair. Layered styles with extra length are becoming popular among young men.

Chin-Length Hair with Side Part

Chin-Length Hair with Side Part

This longer hairstyle is retro but neat and presentable. It’s perfect for a casual summer or back-to-school look. Use a bit of gel for a more formal style to keep the hair in place and emphasize the side part.

Haircuts for School Boys

Retro Shag

A school boy having Retro Shag

Shag haircuts are a perfect combination of long and short. If your boy loves to grow his hair long during the summer and resists getting it cut for school, this hairstyle is a good compromise.

Ivy League

a boy ready to watch league match having Ivy League haircut

Also known as a Harvard clip, Ivy League haircuts are like crew cuts but with more length on top and a distinctive side part. It’s a recognizable haircut popular with adults, making it ideal for young men who want to look grown-up on picture day.

Curtain Bangs with Center Part

a 19's boy having Curtain Bangs with Center Part

This iconic style from the 1990s is making a comeback. Curtain bangs can be worn with other haircuts, allowing personalization to suit different hair thicknesses and textures.

Point To Ponder

Just like adults, there’s no single haircut or style that fits every boy’s appearance and personality. That’s why it’s important to look over your options together.

Hopefully, you’ve found a few haircuts that both you and your boy can agree on. Most kids and teenagers can count on their hair growing quickly, so have fun experimenting with different cuts and styles.


Boys Haircuts FAQs

What Is the Most Popular Boy Haircut in 2024?

Currently, classic styles with short sides and long tops, like a quiff, an Ivy League, or an undercut, are the most popular. These styles are versatile and work well on most face shapes.

What Age Should a Boy Get a Haircut?

A boy’s first haircut should happen when he’s ready. Rushing him to the barber before he’s comfortable can make him miss out on the fun and empowering experience. Most boys can sit still long enough for a stylist around a year old, but this can vary depending on the child.

Which Haircut Is Best for a School Boy?

Short and neat haircuts are ideal for school because they are easy to maintain and not too distracting. However, some kids are more comfortable with longer hair. The key is finding a style that he can maintain throughout the day and that makes him feel confident and happy.