How to Organize a Small Closet with Lots of Clothes

how to Organize a Small Closet with Lots of Clothes

A daily use that gets taken for granted is your wardrobe. There is no doubt that you use your wardrobe at least twice a day, so why would you ever want to leave such a common use in such a mess? Now, I’m not saying your wardrobe is a mess, but I am saying it could be a lot more organised than it already is. It is proven that having a more organised life and environment can improve your productivity significantly. That being the case, since choosing an outfit from your wardrobe is a daily activity, morning and night. Improving the level of organisation in your wardrobe can also improve your morning and productivity, kicking your morning off to a better start. It can also reduce stress when deciding outfits, which is definitely a common thing for us girls and surprisingly happens to many males.

A more organized environment can overall just make your life that slight bit easier and less stressful, so let’s start with How to Organize a Small Closet with Lots of Clothes.

Organize a Small Closet with Lots of Clothes

1. Folding

One way you can begin your organization journey is by folding neatly and effectively. Unexpectedly, folding is a massive part of organizing your wardrobe. Folding correctly can increase the space in your wardrobe without having to remove any items of clothing!

It also helps to make your folding clothes rack look much more visibly organised; items being folded correctly can also make seeing and choosing your outfits much easier and therefore decreasing the amount of time and stress spent finding an outfit before going out.

You’d be surprised by the endless ways you can fold your clothes and choosing the best way which fits your draws and clothes is essential.

For example,

Log roll technique: It is just one of the many ways to leave your clothes organised neatly and visibly. Typically this technique is used in packing for holidays, but utilising this technique in your everyday life will surprisingly leave your wardrobe feeling significantly improved and more organised.

The rolling technique is just one of the many tidying techniques that you can start using in your wardrobe to increase space; to find a more suited one to you, programmes such as Tidying Up by Marie Kondo give you endless new techniques of folding your clothes, that can make your draws much more spacious and neat.


Making sure you know exactly where everything is in your wardrobe can be extremely difficult, however having organizers such as clothes storage boxes will make sure nothing ever goes missing again.

Clothes storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes, giving them the flexibility to be used in all types of wardrobes including those ones with small, annoying crevices that you thought had no use. They can accommodate everything that you may need storing, from your socks to your duvet cover sets.

There’s nothing already thrown in your wardrobe that won’t fit in one of these, so how are you going to introduce clothes storage boxes into your wardrobe? Size up your wardrobe and assess which places would suit a storage box and then decide what would go in them, although it may be hard don’t stop until everything thrown in that wardrobe has a place. Having a specific place for each category of items in your wardrobe may not always be feasible due to space, however, merging multiple categories together will still leave your wardrobe much more organised than before.

So don’t worry about everything being perfect, just making an efficient start will do the trick! Anywhere from IKEA to Sainsbury’s house these organisation dreams, leading them to be cheap and easy to get hold of. So to improve that morning routine, go to your local home store and purchase some boxes, no more screwed-up tops falling down the back of your drawers.


Don’t get me wrong, organising can be boring and time-consuming, but the long-lasting results will be more than worth it. Although your wardrobe may not feel like an area that needs to be prioritised compared to your living room perhaps, just tidying up a few things, such as how you fold your clothes, will make visible changes immediately.

Just these two factors can significantly improve your lifestyle and the organisation of your wardrobe within hours. Whilst also being affordable or even free, there’s no excuse to not use these life-changing techniques in your everyday life.